Acerite's MUDSchool!Lesson 3-Scribing/Pray/Memorize/Meditate

This is a place for newbie players to come and discuss problems they are having specifically, address any issues regarding the game not covered sufficiently in the help files, and any other newbie-helpful discussion (though please do NOT discuss details of quests, subclasses included, nor tell people how to play in this thread. Those topics will be promptly removed.)
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Acerite's MUDSchool!Lesson 3-Scribing/Pray/Memorize/Meditate

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okay, if your a Warrior or a Rogue go entertain yourself in the corner. This section is for the more intelligent/wise crowd.

First off, Mages (Sorcerers), your going to hate yourselves right now because you get to do one of the most tedious things in the world. Scribing!

Okay, lets have a look at what spells are available to both Clerics and Mages. Each of these two classes get a number of beginning spells which you can view by typing 'spell'. Simple enough and you'll get a view of your little beginner spells (Circle 1). As you gain experience and levels you'll notice your spell list will start to length, increasing the power and versatility of your spells. You'll gain these spells through 'Spell Circles' which you'll gain approximately every 8 levels for a total of 13 circles, not all of which will have spells. (see help spell_circle for a full list)

okay, Clerics you guys are easy, your spells are just prayed for which makes them easier and quicker to use. Mages though, your spells you must learn from your guildmasters. Now it would be very annoying to have to run back to your guildmaster everytime you need to relearn a spell so what do we do? we write them down of course! This is where your spellbook and quill come in. Clerics, feel free to jump down a little bit.

Alright, Mages, to take proper notes you'll have to be using the proper materials. A dagger isn't going to help you write things down to lets 'remove dagger' so that we have both our hands free. Then we need to 'hold' both our spellbook and our quill. (type 'hold spellbook' then 'hold quill') Now we should be ready to lets get comfortable by sitting down first and we may begin.

Typically you'll want to scribe all the available spells to you so that if you decide to change what your using out in the battle field you won't have to come running back to town to write it down. So lets have a look at that spell list again by typing 'spell' and we'll go through each of the spells. The first spell on your list should be 'Burning Hands' so we type 'scribe burning hands' to get started.

Now don't be surprised if this takes some time to finish as your skill in scribing will be very low, even though you'll see messages as to it improving, and it will take several pages to finish the spell. Just be patient and wait for it to say you have finished writing to the spell, not page. When you finally do finish that spell you can move on to the next one until you have finished all of them.

Okay, lets be honest, FieryMUD at times has it's bugs just like any other MUD or MMORPG out there. so lets verify that your spellbook has those spells it in. Simply type 'scribe' without a spellname (which holding your spellbook) and you should see a list of spells currently in that spellbook with corresponding page numbers. As you continue to add spells to your spellbook you'll have to start a new spellbook to include the new spells and/or rewrite the old spells so they take fewer pages (this happens as your skill in scribe increases) If your spellbook does NOT have any spells listed you must junk that spellbook (remove the spellbook then type 'junk spellbook') before proceeding to Bigby's Shop (Bigby is our local Merchante Mage that is immeditately west and north from your inner sanctum) to purchase a new spellbook and next to no cost.

Now that you Mages have your spells all scribed we can bring the Clerics back in to talk about Memorizing and Praying. Memorizing and Praying are essentially the exact same thing, only difference is that Clerics pray and Mages Memorize. So everyone have a look at your spell lists again and decide which spell you like best.

Before we actually pray or memorize though, lets talk about Spell Slots. Yes i know this is getting complicated, but it's well worth it in the end. :wink: As a newborn L1 you can only memorize/pray for 1 spell currently. This number will increase as you gain levels, at level 2 you'll be able to memorize 2 spells, at level 3, 3 spells. Now you don't gain a spell slot for EVERY level from here to the end of time, but it's pretty consistent and in some cases you'll gain more than 1 slot (you'll gain perhaps 1 slot in 3 different circles at higher levels).

Okay, questions? none? GOOD! So we know that you can memorize or pray for 1 spell currently, so go pick your favorite (i'd suggest magic missile for mages and either cure or cause light for clerics) and we'll get those ready for use!

I've spoke about Spell circles and slots so lets have a look at them. If you type 'memorize' or 'mem' for short (mages) or 'pray' (clerics) you should see a little diagram that looks rather empty where at the bottem it says.
"You can memorize (1)1st circle spell(s)"

So again, lets get comfortable by sitting down, then we can type 'mem' or 'pray' followed by the spell you chose from your list. example being 'mem magic missile' or 'pray cure light'. It should respond by giving you a message confirming that you have started to pray/memorize that spell followed by an approximate length of time required to finish memorize/pray.
"You begin memorizing magic missile, which will take 18 seconds."

At level 1 this time can be upwards of 18 seconds. Be sure to avoid things like getting up/moving or talking while memorizing/praying as that can interupt your studies and force you to start over again. When you have finish memorizing/praying for your spell you will also receive a message confirming that. It should say something to the effect of:
"You have finished memorizing magic missile."
With that your spell is ready for USE!

Now 18 seconds, although not truely very long, can be an eternity when your ready and looking for battle. Well we can decrease that time through the use of Meditate. Think of meditate as studying the spell rather than just memorizing it. It won't have much affect at earlier levels but with constant use of meditate your memorizing/pray time will be down to 1 or 2 seconds each in no time :D

So here's how we use meditate, simply type 'meditate' or 'med' for short, before you start your memorizing. Simple as that :) again, try not to talk or move while meditating as that will break your concentration.

Well, you should now be able to scribe and memorize/pray for your spells. We shall talk about Use and Rememorizing/Repraying for spells in the combat section in Lesson 4. :)
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